This summer, Ice Cube has been relentlessly asking Kobe Bryant to join his three-on-three basketball league, BIG3. Kobe has shown no interest, but that hasn't stopped fans from fantasizing about the idea of him entering returning to basketball alongside some of the league's players like Allen Iverson, Amar'e Stoudemire, Chauncey Billups.

At a BIG3 postgame press conference this weekend, a reporter questioned Stephen Jackson and Alan Anderson about the possibility of Kobe joining their league. He asked, "Do you think Kobe Bryant could handle this league with it being more physical inside?"

Before the reporter could answer his question, both players grimaced at the absurdity of the question. Everyone in the room broke out in laughter and Jackson jumped up out of his seat to recap the question for everyone to hear.

“Kobe can play in any league," Jackson said. "Any league. Kobe, right now, listen. You listening? Want me to slap him for you? Can you please come to this league? We need you."

Making sure no one in the room had forgotten about the greatness of Kobe, Jackson continued, "This is one of the best scorers of all time. You think he wasn’t getting knocked down in the league? Yes, please come Kobe and yes, Kobe would be dominant just as he was in the league in this. I truly believe it."

As exciting as it is to imagine Kobe returning to the court, it seems he has no plans to play basketball again. His 2016 retirement was final. In early August, his wife Vanessa Bryant responded to a fan's question on Instagram about Kobe's future as a basketball player and said, "Kobe will not be coming out of retirement to play again. He doesn't want to play again and frankly, we really enjoy spending time together as a family without the crazy game schedule interfering with birthdays, holidays, and special events."