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There’s no denying that baseball has the best All-Star Game in professional sports, namely because the MLB All-Star Game resembles an actual baseball game.

Nobody tries in the Pro Bowl, and the NBA All-Star Game features virtually zero defense. But the MLB All-Star Game actually plays and feels like a real game: Its score is usually in line with a standard regular-season game, as is the quality of play, generally. The game might not mean anything anymore since they quit playing for home field advantage in the World Series a few seasons ago. But it’s still entertaining to see all of the game’s best players in one place and engaged in an actual competition. The Home Run Derby, held the day before the All-Star Game, has also become one of sports’ best spectacles, and has clearly one-upped the NBA’s Slam Dunk Contest to become the best supplementary All-Star Game festivity in sports. You can thank Ken Griffey Jr. and his backwards hat for that.

This year’s All-Star Game includes a historical shot at bragging rights for both leagues. The AL and NL have split the first 88 All-Star Games equally, at 43-43-2. The winner would be able to claim the all time series lead, something that the NL has held onto for over five decades.

The Midsummer Classic has well earned its “classic” title over the years. The game has produced a litany of great baseball moments, showcased the game’s greatest talents, and has also included a bit of lighthearted entertainment. So in honor of Tuesday’s game, here are the 15 most memorable All-Star Game moments of the last 30 years.