Kevin Love wants to know what makes the great ones tick. And the great ones he’s concerned with aren’t just his peers and predecessors in the NBA. Sure, Love’s fascinated by how his teammate LeBron James became one of the greatest basketball players ever while balancing a family. But he’s also intrigued by how director Alfred Hitchcock became an iconic filmmaker and how Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made the transition from wrestling to superstardom outside of the WWE.

Love, a five-time All-Star and NBA champion, has always been curious in nature, but he hasn’t always been able to figure out the inner workings of his own mind. After 29 years of life, Love finally began to understand what makes him tick by writing a Players’ Tribune piece earlier this month about the state of his own mental health. The struggles he’s had to maintain his mental health aren’t new, but the vulnerability he’s recently showcased is.

“I had always known [about my struggles]. I had just never really looked in the mirror and said, ‘You need to deal with this now,’” Love tells Complex. “I always thought I’ll suppress it, tuck it away and be a man. [But I’ve realized] there is a way we can talk about these types of things and put ourselves out there, [and] yet not lose our sense of masculinity.”

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