Now that snowboarding season is in full swing, we’re bound to see a slew of frightening—and, at times, exhilarating—avalanche videos appearing on YouTube.

One of the first videos to pop up in 2018 shows Spanish snowboarder Alfons Garcia narrowly escaping an avalanche in the Aran Valley. The athlete is seen carving the Pyrenees mountains and catching air, when all of a sudden one of his landings breaks a plate of snow, triggering a sizeable avalanche as he races down the slope. Garcia’s friends can be heard screaming in encouragement from behind the camera—their voices intensifying while the avalanche grew and picked up speed.

It was an intense few seconds, but it all worked out in the end. Garcia was able to outrun the avalanche and make it to safety.

You can check out the clip, which was captured by tothetopfilms on Dec. 19, above.

Garcia: 1. Nature: 0.