Where do I start with this one? When Dennis Rodman has something substantive to say about foreign policy, you know shit is off, but that’s 2017 for you.

On a trip to Guam–you know, the U.S. island territory that Kim Jong-un threatened to nuke–the former NBA player described the North Korean leader as a big kid and admitted that he doesn’t really discuss politics with him. Rodman remarked, "I try and stay out of it. I try to just be his friend and play sports, and that’s my whole thing." (Thank, God. We think.)

He went on to say, "To me, he does not want to have war… it may sound like that on the news, but I see that Donald Trump and him… it’s more like two big kids deciding who’s the toughest."

Rodman may be right about that last bit, but "big kids" aren’t exactly who you want in charge of nuclear weapons. He also added, "I don’t know why [Kim Jong-un] would, in my eyes, remotely even think about bombing anything in the world. I’ve never heard him say anything like that to my face, and we talk all the time. So I think it’s more like politics throughout the years between the U.S. and North Korea."

But then, Rodman sort of pulls an about-face, saying "I just came here to try and see if I could bridge the gap, and show the leader of North Korea that I’m not afraid to come here and if something even happened, I’ll be here. For Guam. If anything happens, I’ll be here. If you guys take the punishment, I’ll take the punishment too." That's reassuring. 

Marketing agent Chris Volo, who joined Rodman on his trip to Guam, says the visit was sponsored but Rodman was not getting paid to be there.

Rodman also said he plans to visit North Korea soon and invited Trump. However, he then said that Trump had a big ego and doesn’t like to share the limelight.