Per a new report from the Wall Street Journal, longtime Major League Baseball executive Bob Bowman, who purportedly stepped down from his position in November, had a lengthy history of inappropriate workplace behavior.

The report states that Bowman was forced out from MLB rather than stepping down of his own accord. In November, he was heralded as a pioneer in the sports media industry. Bowman led MLB’s digital media efforts for 17 years. Bowman made baseball “more accessible and enjoyable to millions of fans,” MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said at the time.

According to the meaty WSJ report, Bowman made advances on female colleagues, used inappropriate language such as referring to women as “c**ts,” shoved a Boston executive (“a culmination of a variety of issues,” according to Manfred), and berated subordinates. Bowman also allegedly hired escorts to entertain attendees at an MLB Advanced Media party during the week of the 2016 All-Star Game, which took place in San Diego.

“These people said the women, who arrived at the party by bus, were widely believed by attendees to be escorts,” the report states. “Some of them were heard encouraging attendees to leave to have sex quickly so that they could return to solicit another attendee before the party was over, according to one person who was there.”

The Journal contacted Manfred, who said he had no knowledge of the All-Star Game party situation but took full responsibility for Bowman’s behavior.

You can read the full report here.