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During a recent game between the New Orleans Pelicans and The New York Knicks, Anthony Davis left reserve guard Ron Baker with a pretty nasty injury. The Knicks would go on to win the match, but they faced something of a loss with Baker taking the full force of Davis' dunk. It wasn't pretty, and neither were the results. Flying off into the crowd, Baker has since revealed just how bad his black eye was following the incident.

Taking to Instagram, he said, "When you wake up and turn on ESPN, and see you made SportsCenter's top 10!" The injury resulted in three stitches, but he appears to be acting a pretty good sport about it. The dunk was definitely impressive, and Baker's attempt to stop it clearly didn't go quite as he might have hoped.

On Twitter, he says the injury has left his new iPhone X unable to recognize him. There's a number of very dramatic looking shots of the incident, and no matter which angle you look at it, Baker seems to be in some serious pain. The amount he went flying looks pretty ridiculous, but there was evidently a lot of force in that dunk. 

😂 my iPhone X facial recognition isn’t working rn....

— Ron Baker (@RonBaker31) December 31, 2017

I defy you to find a more disrespectful NBA photo this season.

— Chillin in my Bacta (@AminESPN) December 31, 2017