Former NBA player Lamar Odom collapsed in Bootsy Bellows nightclub in Los Angeles early Sunday morning. TMZ obtained a video showing Odom slumped over in their VIP section as security guards tended to him. After helping the 2011 Sixth Man of the Year up and getting him seated at a nearby sofa, one of the guards can be heard asking, "Are you alright, man?" Odom was conscious but appeared too dazed to respond. 

The person who took the video told TMZ that he saw Odom drinking "several hours" before the incident occurred around 2 a.m. Back in January, Odom spoke candidly about his battle with addiction which led to his coma in an interview with The Doctors. "I wasn’t in a good place mentally, especially mentally before that incident [at the brothel] happened," he said.

Given Odom's previous battles with drugs and alcohol, it's important that he seeks out the help he needs before anything gets out of hand. After his brush with death at the Love Ranch in October 2015, he was given a second chance at life, and he cannot fall down that same rabbit hole again. Addiction is a tough problem that will live with him for the remainder of his life, so it's essential for him to seek out the appropriate people if he needs some assistance. We hope he finds it as soon as possible. 

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