Warriors teammates Steph Curry and JaVale McGee placed a bet on the Davidson-Nevada game before their alma maters went head to head Tuesday night. They weren't allowed to pitch money for the bet, since let's face it, they both have enough of that. Each Warrior instead decided to publicly shame the other should they be the victor.

After Nevada beat Davidson 81-68, McGee shared screenshots of the wager on Twitter. JaVale would have had to caddie one round of golf for Curry if Nevada had lost, and that came down from his original ante of three. However since Davidson lost, Curry has to wear a fanny pack to three Warriors games. 

Curry, being a golf aficionado, would have loved to watch JaVale cart around his clubs, but now we're waiting to see Curry sport a lewk.


I️ look like I’m apart of the cast HOUSEWIVES OF OAKLAND! 😂😂😂

A post shared by Javale Pierre McGee (@javalemcgee) on Oct 30, 2017 at 10:08pm PDT

Hopefully Curry will provide photographic evidence of his fanny, I'm sure we'll all get a kick out of it.