Whether LaVar Ball actually believes in his boasts or not doesn't really matter anymore, because his politicking has become so common that LaVar the person and LaVar the character are basically inseparable. There's a reason the man was inserted into NBA 2K18and it's not because he's shy.

One of the claims that helped make him a household name was his assertion that he'd take down Michael Jordan in a game of one-on-one. The public continues to blast him for it, especially after footage of Ball playing pickup basketball hit the internet, but he hasn't backed down an inch from his proclamation.

And now, he has his eyes set on other members of the Jordan family. During a Facebook Live session on Sunday night,  Ball explained there's another reason he's better than Jordan, and it's because of how his sons Marcus and Jeffrey turned out.

"This is the reason why I’m so much better than Jordan. Jordan had some sons, too. But his sons didn’t turn out like my sons," Ball said. "That shows how much athleticism I had oozing out of me. I made three killers. He couldn’t even make two.”

Just focusing on the basketball side of things, this feels a bit like taking a victory lap before any real success has taken place. Lonzo Ball's talent is undeniably the best of the Ball bunch, but his brother LiAngelo Ball will carry on the family name at UCLA this year and he's miles and miles away from being a sure thing. The middle Ball child is considered the 50th best shooting guard in his high school class, and if you compare his scouting grade to the grade MJ's son Marcus once received, the latter actually comes out on the winning end.

LaMelo Ball, meanwhile, also has a long way to go before he gets real consideration as an NBA prospect, even after dropping 90-plus points in a high school game last season. And the only reason people are happy to put up with some bluster surrounding Lonzo is because he's proven himself at a reasonably high level, after entering the NCAA with questions about how his style of play would translate.

Besides, LaVar appears to be suggesting that he somehow has more athleticism in his genetics than Jordan, which is flat-out preposterous. There's a reason LaVar was a nobody before his sons afforded him a platform from which to spout his nonsense: his athletic career and prowess are nothing to speak of. Using your kids as trophies is also sort of gross, and I'm sure Jordan (or any normal parent) is more concerned with whether his sons turned out to be good, well-adjusted, young men than whether they're better at basketball than some blowhard's kids from California.

It's moments like these that contribute to the public taking Ball less seriously. After being told repeatedly why he's a goon for his Jordan opinion, Ball has decided to move the goalposts in an attempt to avoid being wrong. Rather than gaining support for his rational fight against the sneaker industry, Ball alienates potential supporters by focusing on asinine stuff like this.

That doesn't sound like a Big Baller to me.