Perhaps still upset by his pretty damn good 90 overall rating in NBA 2K18, John Wall has declared he's the best "two-way point guard player in the league." Russell Westbrook, aging Chris Paul, and underrated defender Stephen Curry might have something to say about it (I don't man, these things are subjective. Maybe he's right? The list-making part of my brain is broken).

Anyway, Wall made the statement in an oddly compelling video from Ballislife showing both him and LeBron James working out in a University of Miami gym. He also spat out his top 10 players, or at least five of them, at the 4:15 mark. If you don't want to find it they were: Westbrook, Kevin Durant, LeBron, Kawhi Leonard, and Curry.

Check out the whole video below...:

...and, since it's Labor Day, here's a Labor Day present also from BallisLife, who ha been following Wall around during the dormant months. It shows Wall crossing over comedian Lil Duval at a celebrity basketball game that was held on Sunday:

Hard to argue those hours in the gym haven't been worth it.