It's a known fact that professional athletes will never be satisfied with their rating in a video game. It doesn't matter if the player is a 78 or 90, that person will always feel as though their rating is too low. Earlier this month, NBA 2K18 revealed that the overall rating for Washington Wizards point guard John Wall was going to be a 90, and you probably know how he felt about it.

According to Deadspin, Wall's overall rating in NBA 2K17 was a 90 in the final update which is altered based on the player's real life performance. After finishing last season with a career-high in points (23.1), field goal percentage (45.1), and assists (10.7), Wall became one of just nine players to wind up with at least a 90 rating in this year's game. Basically, NBA 2K18 considers the 26-year-old point guard to be one of the 10 best players in the league today, but Wall still isn't satisfied, and took to Twitter to air out his grievances towards NBA 2K digital marketing director Ronnie Singh, known by most as Ronnie 2K.

A brief back-and-forth ensued.

On Sunday, CSN Mid-Atlantic published an interview with Wall who revealed that the two took their feud to direct messaging. "I don't really care for games. I play them for fun. He just tried to say my rating was a 93 when it ended last year. No, it wasn't. It was a 90," he said. "Well, so what? Then, he sent me a DM after and was like 'I'm just playing.' I was like 'don't try to be friendly with me.'"

"He said it's a joke and I didn't respond. I didn't respond to him. I knew he was going to send a DM," Wall added.

Damn, Wall, it's a good rating! Just let it go already, says the person who has never had someone else determine their overall rating.

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