First things first: There’s fake news floating around about Cam Newton, and we need to debunk it. No, that was not a "romphim" he sported at Coachella.

“That was not a romper; that was a two-piece. Don’t try to play me, man,” Newton says. “It took on a life of its own. I really love the fashion intention, but for me, at 6’5” to step into something and have to zip it up or button it up and it be a one-piece… I have kids and that’s what they go to sleep in.”

That’s fair, but let’s be honest: Given Newton’s singular fashion sense, it was easy for everyone to believe that he was ahead of that particular (questionable) trend. It is the unmistakable Cam couture that has a bunch of reporters gathered at the Westside Cultural Arts Center on a sticky, 90-degree Atlanta night in mid-July. The quick-footed Carolina Panthers quarterback, donning his synonymous oversized chapeau, is here to make moves off the field with the launch of his new lifestyle sneaker, the C1N.

It’s a first for Cam, and a first for Under Armour. But when you consider that Ace Boogie’s sartorial swag is on par with, (if he had to choose), the NBA’s Russell Westbrook, it’s almost a no-brainer to venture into the lifestyle space. So why, after several releases of performance shoes, did it take so long to branch out?

“It’s making it right,” Newton tells Complex. “A lot of times, especially in this process, I didn’t want to create something that I was going to end up saying, ‘Man, I wish I would've added this,’ or, ‘Man, I wish would’ve put this in a different area.’ It took Under Armour telling me, ‘Listen, it’s going to take time to scratch this off the to-do list.’ This is a year-and-a-half in the making and creating.”