Macklemore previewed the upbeat vibe on his forthcoming project when he teased his new song, "Marmalade," in late July. Within the span of a week, we now have the proper visuals to go along with it, and Macklemore brought along a special guest in order to really have some fun with the video.

In the video for "Marmalade," child versions of Macklemore and Lil Yachty go cruising around town looking for trouble. They appear as though they're having quite the time.

child versions of macklemore and lil yachty
Image via YouTube

The overarching theme, though, appears to be taking some veiled shots at the New England Patriots. Our little heroes find themselves sneaking into a football stadium, and once they arrive, they bust in on a group of equipment guys deflating footballs, a clear shot at the Deflategate scandal that has dogged Tom Brady's squad for years.

macklemore mocking deflategate
Image via YouTube

After making it out of the locker room unscathed, the children then head to an unknown figure's house with a jersey in hand, referencing the jersey that was stolen from Brady following a Super Bowl victory this past winter. So who was there to answer the doorbell?

macklemore and marshawn lynch
Image via YouTube

Marshawn Lynch, who as you may remember, is a beloved figure in Macklemore's world. In fact, he pleaded with Lynch not to defect to the Patriots earlier this year when the running back was deciding between signing with Oakland and New England.

"That would hurt my heart," Macklemore said of Lynch possibly going to the Patriots. "Hell no."

Thankfully, Lynch ended up going to his hometown Raiders, and we got this hilarious link-up as a result. You can watch Macklemore and Lynch troll Brady up top.