Mayweather-McGregor is officially eight days away (or seven, or six, or possibly several years ago, depending on when you're reading this) and that means you can expect a buttload of coverage from now until then—plus a few days afterward.

On that front, Justin Bieber, a longtime friend of Floyd Mayweather's, who on a couple of occasions has walked alongside the undefeated fighter as he's strolled to the ring, recently opined that he "didn't think" that Mayweather would KO McGregor when they throw down on August 26. This seems reasonable, considering that Mayweather hasn't KO'd anyone in almost six years. Bieber added that he thought it would be "a good fight." And though the "Friends" singer also made it clear that he thinks Floyd will win the bout, that wasn't good enough for Mayweather's dad, Floyd Mayweather Sr., who told TMZ that Bieber "don't even know boxing" when he was questioned by the outlet at an airport:

That particular conversation with Mayweather Sr. took place on Thursday. On Friday, some guy who sold the tape to TMZ also caught up with him, where he was asked if he was concerned about "white supremists (sic)." And even though it's quite the stretch to connect the recent events in Charlottesville with the McGregor-Mayweather fight, and the question really didn't make any sense (hey, what do you expect? He's just some guy lugging around a camera), the 64-year-old Mayweather Sr. answered with a soundbite better than just saying "What? No."

"Believe me when I tell you," he said. "I'm telling you right now. If it comes to the point where I have to take care of my business, I'm going to take care of my business."

Finally, also on Thursday, Floyd's papa told Colin Cowherd that he would sue McGregor if the MMAer were to fight dirty. "It’s gonna stop right there," he said on The Herd. "And guess what? Then we’re gonna throw a big suit at him. There’s enough people around here suing everybody for nothing, and this is something that you can be screwed for."

Sounds like that would be just the worst case scenario for PPV buyers:

Anyway, there's your Floyd Mayweather Sr. round-up for the day. Expect another one...I have no idea when.

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