Everything LaVar Ball touches these days turns to gold. Regardless of whether you love him or hate him, you can’t deny that the man is good for ratings—there’s a reason ESPN and Fox Sports keep talking about him, having him appear on programs, and interviewing him.

He’s riding an especially strong high following Thursday night’s NBA Draft, in which the Lakers selected his son, Lonzo, No. 2 overall—as LaVar had guaranteed for months.

These days, everyone wants a piece of LaVar, and it now appears the WWE is trying to capitalize on his time in the sun. There are rumors circulating online that the wrestling organization is trying to book LaVar to appear on Monday night’s episode of WWE Raw, which will take place in Los Angeles at the Staples Center.

These rumors appear to have at least a little substance. A live Instagram video from the Ball family’s table at the draft confirmed the family was discussing the potential of an appearance on WWE.

“They have over 260 million viewers on WWE,” one person at the table says.

Ball played professional football, and you know if he does it he’s going to compete, so he probably wouldn’t get manhandled.

At this point, nothing is certain, and it seems like a longshot, but you can’t really argue with the logic for either side—the WWE would get easy press and sell tickets, and LaVar would certainly get a nice payout to add capital for Big Baller Brand.

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