LaVar Balls dream for his oldest son, Lonzo, is now a legitimate possibility. Though there are rumors that the Lakers may pass on Lonzo, theres still a very good chance Los Angeles will select the UCLA product No. 2 overall at the draft June 22.

As we know, however, LaVar’s dreams are not limited to Lonzo. He has big ambitions for all three of his sons—he says they’ll all be one-and-done college players and play for the Lakers in the NBA.

“All my boys are gonna be one-and-done. Gelo [LiAngelo] is going [to] be one-and-done whether he’s good or bad,” LaVar said in a new interview with ESPN. “I’m going to put him in the draft, hope they don’t take him. Bring him into the Lakers as a free agent, let him wind up with his brother and watch how good they play together.”

It’s kind of hilarious that LaVar, who thinks so highly of his sons, has such realistic ambitions for LiAngelo—he expects he’ll go undrafted. LiAngelo, a three-star recruit, will be a freshman at UCLA this fall. He’s not currently on most NBA draft boards.

LaVar also has high hopes for his youngest son, LaMelo, a five-star recruit in the Class of 2019.

“I’m going to do the same thing with Melo,” LaVar said. “And we get three of the Ball boys on the Lakers together, and we gonna go championship, championship, championship, championship, championship. You think I’m playing? You saw what they did in high school.”

LaMelo might not garner the same level of attention as Lonzo, but it seems highly likely that he’ll end up in the NBA. LiAngelo is more of a stretch, but you can rest assured his freshman year at UCLA—and then subsequent draft process, if LaVar’s promise holds true—will receive plenty of media attention.