As you probably already know, Chris Paul got traded to the Rockets on Wednesday for what most professional analysts called "a shit ton of stuff," including Sam Dekker, Patrick Beverly, Lou Williams, and a 2018 first-round pick:

However what you might not know (probably) is that SportsCenter anchor Michael Eaves posted some pretty great gossip onto Facebook that says CP3 and his ex-coach weren't getting all. Eaves states that Paul, as well as some other players on the Clippers' roster, felt that head coach and President of Basketball Operations Doc Rivers was coddling his son Austin after he was traded to the team back in January 2015.

"One of Paul's biggest contentions with Doc was that Paul, and other players, felt Doc treated Austin more favorably than other players," Eaves said. "He would yell at guys for certain things during games and practices, but not get on Austin in the same manner for similar transgressions."

Eaves further reported that the relationship truly broke down after Rivers nixed a deal that would've sent his son, Paul Pierce, and Jamal Crawford, to the Knicks for Carmelo Anthony and Sasha Vujacic last season. Like all unverified reports, decide if that sounds realistic or not (but factor in Phil Jackson).

Anyway, "that event led Paul to feel that keeping his son on the roster was more important to Doc than improving the team," Eaves wrote. "So, ultimately, Paul lost both trust and faith in Doc. As one league executive put it, 'Chris despises Doc.'"

For their part, both Austin and his sister Callie denied the report...:

...but, then again, what else were they going to say?