You could say Mia Khalifa and former Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly have a history. Khalifa exposed Kelly's thirst for her not once, but twice after he made separate trips into the former porn star's DMs, and she roasted him again after he wasn't invited to the NFL combine due to off-the-field issues.

Kelly had his moment during the 2017 NFL Draft, but it may not have been everything he dreamed of as a kid. He was selected with the final pick in this year's draft, which earned him the yearly honor of being named the NFL's "Mr. Irrelevant." As the draft progressed into the latter stages, it looked like Kelly had grown tired of the draft process:

Sensing an opportunity to mock the DM fiend once again, Khalifa took to Twitter as soon as Kelly's number was called:

She had a good laugh about the whole thing with her followers, and began retweeting and liking tweets directing further playful jabs at Kelly:

It's unclear who's getting the last laugh here; Kelly is now living his dream as an NFL quarterback, and Khalifa is, well, doing whatever she's doing these days. Kelly even retweeted a photo that showed a more accurate version of what the scene in his living room looked like when he was drafted:

But Khalifa is definitely on the winning side of the verbal jousting for now. The best thing Kelly can do is keep a low profile and earn his place in the league—and please stay away from the DMs, man.