MVP is back with a brand new episode, where superstar athletes look to invest in a product they may or may not be the next big moneymaker. Rob Gronkowski, along with Kevin Durant and other athletes, star in the series, which airs exclusively on go90. This latest episode features Homee, a home designing app that allows users to get a revamp of their space. The user tells the designer how much they're looking to spend, and the idea of how they want the space to look.

Obviously the panel of pro athletes have their own personal interior designers, but for the average guys looking to spruce up their digs for a Tinder date gone great, I'm sure it'll be helpful. Speaking of, the CEO of Tinder is an investor in Homee, which was exciting news to Gronkowski, who was interested in a test run before making a final decision on whether or not to invest. Surprisingly, Durant was the most interested in the app. Watch the full episode above to see why, and be sure to catch every episode of MVP on Wednesday's exclusively with go90