Here's a story that's going to be tough to explain to some parents.

Jim Sharkey, a 50-year-old Ferris High School football coach in Spokane, Washington, is currently on paid suspension after allegations arose that he exposed himself to some students last summer while he was grilling hot dogs at a leadership camp. Sharkey stands accused of putting his penis into one of the hot dog buns before saying, "You think that is a big dog - take a look at this."

According to The Spokesman-Review, Sharkey was suspended back on Feb. 1, but the details of those allegations became public this week. They state that just a few weeks after the leadership camp, which took place over the summer, a Ferris player reported the incident. Sharkey was given a written reprimand, and the school allowed him to coach during the 2016 season. However, he was place on administrative leave after more students came forward to report the incident, as well as other "questionable" actions at the same camp.

After the first boy came forward on Aug. 31, Sharkey vehemently denied the claim, calling it "absolutely false" and "a complete lie." Asked why someone would lie about such a thing, Sharkey responded, "Maybe they want me fired." Since no evidence could be found to substantiate the story, Sharkey was allowed to coach during the fall season, but the aforementioned reprimand was given to him because camp "hosts" drank alcohol in front of the students.

Following the season, however, the allegations reemerged as more students came forward to say they witnessed the hot dog incident. A girl also came forward to complain that Sharkey had referred to her as a "puck slut" and a "puck bunny" because she was friends with some hockey players. The Spokesman-Review reports that Sharkey had copped to making many of the alleged comments during a Jan. 31 "name clearing" meeting. He also stated that he referred to another student as a dipshit.

"I think some of this stuff is taken out of context, but I did say these things," he said in his defense.

Sharkey, who says he can't talk about the hot dog claim until the investigation is over, has denied the accusations, and says he will fight to clear his name.