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Rob Gronkowski is an MVP after all. Gronk, who is loving life right now as he recovers from back surgery, is coming off his second Super Bowl title with the New England Patriots. Well, at least he is onComplex Networks and go90's newest series, MVP, which features athletes who want to invest their own money in the newest and brightest ideas. In the latest episode, Gronk, along with the rest of the athletes on the show, have to decided if they want to invest in "Man Crates."

"Man Crates" are actual crates filled with different products that you have to open with either a crowbar or a hammer. Gronk in typical Gronk fashion spiked his crate to get it open. Meanwhile, Antonio Brown does his best DJ Khaled impression—which wasn't that bad—throughout the episode. As for whether or not the athletes invested in the product, check out the full clip above to find out.

'MVP' premieres every Wednesday on go90. Be sure to check out last week's episode to see if Gronk and Co. opted to invest in a multi-vitamin juice right here.