Even if you didn't know his actual name, there’s a very good chance you’ve seen at least one of Brandon Armstrong's Academy Award-esque impersonations of a bevy of NBA players.

The man more commonly known as "BDot" was at All-Star weekend this year after he was prompted to give it a shot by followers and supporters. That turned out to be a great move as he ended up bringing home the MVP at Friday night's Celebrity All-Star Game, where he tallied up 16 points, 15 boards, and one spot-on James Harden imitation.

Now sure, you could argue that the ex-overseas baller should outperform the Mark Cubans and Andy Grammers of the world, but he also had to standout on a floor with ex-NBAers like his friend, Baron Davis, as well as Jason Williams to take home his new paperweight hardware.

In addition to winning that trophy, he also stopped by to talk to Complex. What's more impressive? Well, who's to really say?

But we were interested in listening to a new scripted show he'll be in with Baron Davis, based around Davis's post-NBA career. If you are too, click 'play' and hear him tell you all about it.