70 years ago, the Toronto Huskies took on the New York Knicks, in the first ever NBA game. The league was in its infancy, and nowhere near its current monolithic status. It was an era before EPSN, Jordan Sneakers, and probably before Vince Carter and Andre Miller stepped onto the court - but really who knows anymore? In 1946, fans paid upwards of $2.50 to watch the best basketball players in the world, square off at Maple Leaf Gardens. In honour of its debut, the league, and fans themselves, took to social media to remember the occasion. See some of the best memories, below.

The venue was also home to the NHL's Toronto Maple Leafs. When the NBA returned to the Great White North in 1995, the Air Canada Centre was built near Lake Ontario. The arena, of course, now houses the Toronto Raptors.

If we're being honest, the game footage was preserved quite well. The NBA was also able to catch up with the league's first scorer, Ossie Schectman.

The game was advertised via these cool posters. No that's not an Instagram filter, things were just in sepia back then.

As for who won the game, the Knicks beat the Huskies by two points, finishing 68-66. I guess, the Knicks need to win sometimes, right?