On Saturday night, Clemson bested South Carolina by a score of 56-7, the biggest beatdown of their in-state rivals since they won 51-0 all the way back in 1900. About an hour-and-a-half before the contest even began, however, the two teams got into a tiny skirmish that the South Carolina players claim was caused by a Clemson player shouting a racial slur.

Gamecocks linebacker Bryson Allen-Williams said to reporters afterward that a Clemson player "used the n-word." He claims that he was unable to identify exactly which player uttered it, and also added that the team will get their revenge next year (which would be quite the trick, considering the score). "We are going to get our get-back. We definitely have this game circled next year," Allen-Williams said. "They disrespected us. We are waiting 365 days to get this team back. They did a lot of disrespectful things on the field. We are on a mission. We are definitely going to be ready."

Carolina defensive lineman Dante Sawyer also reportedly tweeted "Racism still alive in Clemson I see.. Classless sobs, still calling people n----rs is crazy." In addition to that, Gamecocks wide receiver Terry Googer claims that epithets weren't exclusive to the playing field:

Clemson's win marks their third straight in the rivalry, and puts them just one victory away from returning to the College Football Playoff. In 114 all-time meetings between the schools, Clemson leads the series with a 68-42-4 record.

Guess we'll have to wait and see if/how SC responds next year.