According to TMZ Sports Magos has now been slapped himself, in the form of a lifetime ban by the IFBB. A rep for the federation told the media outlet in a statement "The IFBB takes this occasion to express its strong commitment for respect, fairness and good will in our sport, and its firm rejection of violence, mistreatment and/or an aggressive approach in any way, may it be verbal, gestural or physical."

Not exactly a huge shock.

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Greek bodybuilder Giannis Magos went completely berserk this past weekend in his home country after finishing second overall at the 2016 IFBB Diamond Cup. Magos' meltdown included him open-hand slapping one of the event's judges, Armando Marquez, in addition to flipping over some tables. He also allegedly whipped his, well, you know out before he got around to slapping Marquez, though that part wasn't caught on video. Magos was apparently not appeased by winning the event's 100 kg division. You can watch him lose his sh*t in the clip above.


You can also watch a longer version of the incident below, which shows what happened after Magos was initially escorted away. He jumps back up on the stage, continues to protest in his own unique way, and at one point, the overly bronzed, statuesque competitor can be seen shouting at International Federation of Bodybuilding president Rafael Santonja. This is not an ideal way to try and obtain your pro card:

It seems like common sense that the IFBB would impose some sort of penalty, if only because Magos' outburst will inevitably lead to a bunch of corny 'roid rage jokes that have been tired for years. In addition to some sort of punishment from bodybuilding's governing body, you would also think that there would be some sort of penalty from local authorities, though it's unclear whether or not Magos was apprehended by the police.

If he was, it seems like he'll have a pretty hard time professing his innocence. Score one for everybody taping things all the time.