The Derrick Rose civil rape trial is in motion, and today Rose took the stand. As expected, he testified that he is completely innocent.

"I know what's rape, but I know I didn't do anything wrong," Rose said, according to TMZ.

He insists the sex was consensual, while the woman—who was in a non-exclusive two-year relationship with Rose—says she was incapacitated after being drugged by the Knicks star. She alleges that Rose and friends Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton gang-raped her on a night that took place over four years ago.

Rose said he went to the victim’s house that night with the intention of having drinks and intercourse with her, and that the victim—known to the public as Jane Doe—had made it clear she also wanted to have sex with him. Rose was asked if he made his intentions clear in a text message that night, and answered, “I didn’t have to.”

The Knicks point guard said Doe consensually performed oral sex on him that night while his friend had sex with her from behind.

"I'm focusing on my job and that's to play basketball," Rose said at trial.

This case was in the headlines for most of the offseason. Some expected the parties to settle outside of court so the woman’s identity could remain secret—and so the case would be settled before the NBA preseason began—but they did not.

The anonymous plaintiff filed a $21.5 million lawsuit. It has been a very unusual and disturbing case. You can read a full breakdown here