The last game of Alex Rodiguez's career was, like the man himself, a very big deal, with all eyes focused on Yankee Stadium. As it turned out, the event itself was a bit of a mixed bag, with ups and downs that mirrored those of A-Rod's long career.

In advance of the game against the Tampa Bay Rays, Rodriguez had asked to play third base, his position for many years. Yankees manager Joe Girardi gave a very public no initially. However, Girardi caved toward the end of the night, and sent his star out to play third for one at-bat in the game's final inning. 

Just before the game began, there was a tribute ceremony for Rodriguez. There was a touching recap video of his career highlights, and he took the field to receive a standing ovation. However, as soon as his family joined him on the field and it was time for him to receive gifts from the team bigwigs, the skies opened up, forcing everyone to rush through the rest of the ceremony.

During his first at-bat of the game, A-Rod hit a double that drove in Brett Gardner. The RBI was number 2,086 for Rodriguez, the third-most of any MLB player. That was his only hit of the game, as he ended up 1-for-4. The Yankees beat Tampa Bay 6-3.

Girardi was very emotional after the game.

Many of A-Rod's past and present teammates had kind words for the retiring legend on social media. 

Some fans noticed, however, that Rodriguez equivocated a little bit on whether this really was his final game, and wondered if they would be seeing him again soon in a different uniform.