Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was interviewed by DJ Whoo Kid to promote his upcoming show on E!, Catching Kelce, which is a reality dating contest where he'll have a woman from every state vying for a chance to be his girlfriend. During the sit down he talked about a wide range of topics with the host, including his pump up music "big booty women," and then, you know, actual football stuff.

When Whoo Kid asked, "Is there something you turn on before you get out on the field? Before you kick ass?" The KC Pro Bowler rattled off "Nat King Cole, J. Cole, Drake, and Machine Gun Kelly," who may or may not have grown up right down the street from Kelce, according to what he said in the interview. 

Afterward, and possibly to the chagrin of his PR rep, he was talked about his love for "big booty women." Kelce was able to muster up in response, "I like a nice looking hiney." 

Following that up, Kelce and Whoo Kid did some actual football talk and training camp, All-Pro safety Eric Berry's contract issues, Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith, and Aldon Smith all came up. Then, in the interview's must-watch moment he briefly rapped some 50 Cent, though couldn't be baited into more. He also talked about his dance moves (though not for the first time).

Anyway, these are the types of media things you got to do if you want to branch outside of just football and have a shot with 50 women at once on national TV.

You'll be able to check out Catching Kelce when it premieres on the E! Network on October 5. Though you'd already know that if you'd watched the interview above.