The U.S. Mens' Basketball Team barely beat France today, eeking out a 'W' by a score of 100-97. But, in doing so, they finished 5-0 in the preliminary round of Olympic play. It wasn't exactly a performance worthy of the original Dream Team. But hey, the rest of the world has caught up since then. Perhaps instead of constantly puffing the U.S.'s pioneering squad of NBA superstars people should more frequently point out that that team blew out god damn Angola and Croatia's programs in 1992. Congrats.

Anyway back to today where, as we said, the U.S. beat France behind 30 points from Klay Thompson and 12 assists from Kyrie Irving. While nearly every one of those contributions was necessary in a three-point victory, perhaps the prettiest of Irving's dimes was this total accident he tossed up to Kevin Durant:

That's when you know it's not your least if you're French or whatever.

The pass did not go unnoticed by social media because, besides sarcasm and irony, what really does?:

Bonus obligatory self plug:

The U.S. team will play their next game on Wednesday, Aug. 17 against a yet to be named opponent that will probably lose but still make it a lot closer than it's supposed to be.

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