The Hall of Fame is home to many of the greatest players in baseball history.

Key word: Many. Not all of them.

Some of the best players to ever play are not—and likely never will ever be—enshrined in Cooperstown. The all-time hit king is not there. Nor is the all-time home run king. The guy with the most Cy Young awards? He isn’t there either.

Gambling used to be the mortal sin that kept otherwise legendary players out of the Hall. It’s why Shoeless Joe Jackson and Pete Rose aren’t in there. But today, performance enhancing drugs are the leading culprit keeping otherwise worthy players away from induction. On the day when Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza—himself no stranger to PED allegations—officially become members of the Hall of Fame, here are The 11 Players Whose Hall of Fame Induction Has Been Sabotaged by Steroid Allegations and Admissions​.