Mark Cuban has been an interesting figure to follow this election season. He first praised Donald Trump, then said conservatives pushed him to run against Trump, then expressed his interest in running as Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential candidate. A couple months later, he unexpectedly ethered Trump and implied Trump was kind of a broke boi.

Now Cuban is back with more heat for The Donald. The outspoken and opinionated Dallas Mavericks owner appeared on CBS Radio’s Brown and Scoop Show Thursday and talked about a series of emails the two moguls exchanged early in Trump’s campaign as he tried to defeat Republican challenger Ted Cruz.

“He doesn’t actually email but his assistant would email for him, and so we developed a decent relationship,” Cuban said. “But once he got to the point where he beat Ted Cruz, it was time to start digging in and understand policies, understand where we stand in the world, digging in and understanding treaties, all the things he’s been talking about.”

Cuban went on to say Trump never even tried to read up on policy issues.

“He just stopped making any effort to learn, and that hasn’t changed,” Cuban said. “And even when you talk to people around him, it’s like, ‘did he really try to make an effort to learn and we’re just not seeing it?’ It’s like, ‘no, we know who he is.’”

Cuban didn’t stop there, though. He also praised Clinton, the Democratic candidate, saying she is “smarter,” “more pragmatic,” and “puts in the effort.” He said knowing what he knows now, he thinks Clinton will make a far better president, and that’s why he flip-flopped his support.

Later in the fascinating interview, Cuban said he still hasn’t spoken to DeAndre Jordan since the 2015 free agency fiasco, and the Mavericks actually pushed Dirk Nowitzki to take more money than he wanted. You can listen to the entire thing here.

Cuban’s a smart guy, and he loves the sound of his own voice, so it’s no surprise he’s used this particularly contentious election season as a platform for publicity. How interesting would it be to read those emails, though? Come on, Mark. Give the people what they want.

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