The Milwaukee Bucks extended a very generous offer to former Cleveland Cavaliers guard Matthew Dellavedova today: $38.4 million over four years. (Remember that the salary cap has skyrocketed by about $24 million this year.)

Dellavedova was a restricted free agent, so the Cavs had an opportunity to match the offer. Before any reporters definitively confirmed the Cavs would not match it, though, LeBron James posted the following tweet.

This could mean one of three things:

1. LeBron had spoken to the Cavs and knew the higher-ups had decided not to match the offer.

2. He jumped the gun and didn't know Delly is a restricted free agent.

3. LeBron just decided his team would not pay that money for a league average backup point guard.

Naturally, this led to the classic "LeBron James is the Cavs' real General Manager" tweets.

For what it's worth, James also congratulated his former teammate Timofey Mozgov on signing with the Lakers earlier in the afternoon.

Based on LeBron's incredible championship parade speech, in which he said he'd trust Dellavedova to out-fight a bear for a rebound, it'd be reasonable to believe King James really does like Delly.

Dellavedova averaged 7.7 minutes per game in the NBA Finals and did not appear in the iconic Game 7. Perhaps his biggest contribution in the series was smacking Andre Iguodala in the groin.

Shout out to Delly for landing this deal, though. It certainly puts his Panera Bread money to shame.

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