Despite the fact that the two men rumored to be involved keep pretending it will happen, we're still skeptical as all hell that we'll ever get to see a fight pitting the biggest loudmouth in boxing against the biggest loudmouth in MMA. But, luckily, we no longer need to, thanks to this mock-up of how it would play out brought to us by a super computer that generates fight predictions after compiling thousands of simulations some gamer with a YouTube account using a modded version of WWE 2K16

The "What if?" scenario presented above may not be realistic, or accurate, or "a productive use of your time in any way," but it's still probably more interesting than almost any of Mayweather's recent fights—plus it doesn't transfer your pay-per-view dollars to a stack of cash he can display for you on Instagram. 

Assuming you invested a minute of your time into playing the video above (and, if you didn't, nobody blames you), you can see that YouTuber Shady00018 thinks it'd end with Mayweather using some shady tactics to catch McGregor off guard after running out of the ring for awhile (we're starting to think the whole damn thing's just a metaphor). 

If the real-life thing gimmick does go down (and, again, don't get your hopes up) it would seem that the biggest thing to negotiate is not the purse, but the actual sport. We can't see either fighter crossing over to get his trash talk fed to him in the other dude's arena. 

Come to think about it, SummerSlam might be the most appropriate venue for these two to meet up.