By now, you've probably heard the rumors about the possibility of a boxing mega-event taking place between two dudes, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, whose fighting abilities come second only to their abilities to promote themselves. The (almost certainly baseless) speculation comes courtesy of The Sunwhich is reporting that the duo will face off in Las Vegas this summer and that all the two fighters need to do to make the fight official is sign the necessary paperwork (which is allegedly "imminent"). There are already betting odds for the fight and everything!

Will it actually happen, though? You're free to dream about whatever you want. However, just know that you're doing so at the risk of a monumental letdown. Check out how a number of boxing and MMA insiders responded to The Sun's story about a Mayweather/McGregor fight below...

Here's Ariel Helwani of

Here's Kevin Iole, who writes about fighting for Yahoo! (and who spoke to UFC President Dana White about the Mayweather/McGregor rumor):

Here's the Bloody Elbow blog's 140 characters or less way of telling you it ain't happening:

Here's Steve Kim of The Undisputed Champion Network:

Here's MMA blog's take:

Here's boxing blog

Here's Ben Fowlkes, who covers MMA for USA TODAY:

Here's Ray Flores, a ring announcer and radio host for ESPN Chicago:

Here's Jonathon Snowden, the author of The MMA Encyclopedia:

And finally (since you've long since gotten the point), here's retired Irish MMA fighter Cathal Pendred:

So either The Sun's got a helluva scoop—or we're all just getting trolled. Regardless, don't count on this fight actually happening.