Twitter's favorite basketball wife Ayesha Curry recently announced that she's getting her own cooking TV show. People just adore her every social media post. And she loves to show off her favorite dishes, and shows her love for her hubby and the league's MVP Steph Curry. It's obvious that Chef Curry's wife can slam in the kitchen, but not to everyone who spots her tweets.

On Saturday after the Rockets-Warriors game, it was dinnertime, so she tweeted one of her favorite dishes from one of her favorite chefs, Michael Mina.


So this random dude named @SportsTalkSal trolled her and sent a since-deleted tweet with some nasty commentary about her cooking skills after he saw the dish, thinking it was her recipe.

As for the current Queen of the NBA Twittersphere, Ayesha turned the tables with a great comeback, which made his mentions blow up in the worst way possible.

And Twitter having a field day with Sal is an understatement...

Need I show more? And if you're wondering about SportsTalkSal, you can't find his Twitter account anymore. By the looks of it, he deleted his account. Go ahead and try to @ him.

Like that old Ms. Benita skit on In Living Color back in the 90s, Ayesha Curry is officially the "Ms. Jenkins" of the NBA. Don't NOBODY talk about Mrs. Curry on Twitter!


Just don't talk too much about Ms. Curry, who shows that she cares too much about what people think of her cooking on social media. But I ain't the one to gossip, so you ain't heard that from me.

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