It's no secret that Russell Westbrook just loves getting down with his bad self before ever game with Cameron Payne. And on Monday night's Game 2 against the Mavericks, Dallas center Charlie Villanueva wasn't feeling it one bit to the point where he tried to step in and stop the OKC teammates from performing their "Thunder and Rain" pre-game dance routine, for lack of a better term of the jig.

Charlie was shocked to learn that his interruption on the dance went quickly viral. In the video message above, released on Tuesday, Villanueva addressed Russell directly:

“If you want to go dancing, go to a nightclub. Go to a club and dance. Go to Dancing with the Stars and be a dancer. If you want to battle and dance, we can battle, but not in a basketball game. Plus, they were in my way, too. I wasn’t necessarily interrupting their dance.”

Imagine these two going head-to-head on the dance floor at a nightclub after a playoff game this series. Folks, this could get ugly. Watch out!

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[via BlackSportsOnline]