Despite going 15-1 in the regular season, despite Cam Newton elevating himself to the upper echelon of quarterbacks usually reserved for Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, the Carolina Panthers offense was absolutely no match for the behemoth that is Von Miller and the Denver Broncos defense in Super Bowl 50.

Just like they were two weeks ago against the New England Patriots, Miller and DeMarcus Ware were in the backfield seemingly every play, strip-sacking Cam twice that eventually turned into 14 points. Newton struggled to find open receivers all game long, and on the rare occasion that Newton did have time to throw, he missed high or long. 

Miller ended up with 2.5 sacks, none bigger than his forcing of Newton's second fumble with four minutes left in the fourth quarter when the Broncos were clinging to just a six-point lead. In the end, the Broncos came away with a 24-10 win. 

Peyton Manning, despite not throwing a single touchdown, can now ride off into the sunset with a second Super Bowl ring, and the Panthers will be left to contemplate what the hell happened. 

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