When you win, you can do these kinds of things. 

The Broncos are headed to Super Bowl 50 after defeating the Patriots last Sunday, thanks in large part to the defensive performance from Von Miller and company. 

The linebacker had a monster game, finishing with 2.5 sacks and an interception against a battered Tom Brady, who was hit a league-high 20 times, according to the Boston Globe. Adding insult to injury, and obviously still reveling in the high of winning the biggest game of his career, Miller shot a short video for BSN Denver Sports from the Broncos locker room and burned Brady for his involvement in Deflategate. 

Miller grabs a football with a New England logo—possibly the one he picked off from Brady?—sitting in his locker and gives it a squeeze, saying it "feels a little flat to me."


As far as burns go, it's pretty mild. But when you've taken down the Pats and in the process made one of the all-time greats look pedestrian, you're allowed to gloat.

 [h/t Uproxx]

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