Jason Maxiell played 10 NBA seasons, most recently for the Hornets last year. He's now playing in China, and when a player on the opposing team disrespected him with a cheap shot, he completely lost his mind.

Thank goodness for Wu Ke (the player who delivered the hit), Michael Beasley stepped in, and cooler heads prevailed.

The slow-motion replay shows you bad the initial hit really was. Maxiell immediately started swinging, and his opponent wisely started running, with Maxiell in hot pursuit before Beasley saved the day.

Maxiell has totaled over $28 million in career earnings, and Beasley has made over $32 million in NBA salary himself. If you're wondering why guys like these would bother to play overseas, it's because they still want to play, and are usually able to whoop up on the weaker competition fairly easily. It was the other way around this time (if only briefly), and Wu Ke has reportedly been suspended 11 games for starting all of the trouble in the first place.

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