Could he be the next Yoenis Cespedes? No. What a stupid question. But the Mets tried out star cricket player Kieran Powell last week in an effort to take advantage of their freakishly talented rotation I don't know.

The 25-year-old Powell is considered one of the top cricket batsmen on the planet and has played at the sport's highest level since he was 16. Currently he can't agree on a deal to remain within that sport, so instead has opted to take time off in order to make a run at the Major Leagues. While he's under no delusion that he can complete this transition before the end of this season his current goal is to make it to the Show in "two or three years."

Powell has not only caught the eye of the likely-to-be offensively challenged Mets, but at least 11 other teams (including the Pirates, Cubs and Tigers) are slated to be in attendance for the cricket star's workout tomorrow. Additionally, both the Dodgers and Brewers have enough interest in the former West Indies slugger (not sure if that's what they call cricket players, but who cares) to have a scout get into his car and drive to a practice facility in order to watch him in a training session up close.

[via SNY]

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