While discussing the issue of child support as it relates to professional athletes on the Jalen & Jacoby podcast earlier this month, Jalen Rose suggested that Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie hasn’t missed many games during his 10 years in the NFL because he can’t afford to do it seeing as how he currently pays child support for eight of his 10 kids. And as it turns out, Rose’s speculation about Cromartie’s financial situation might not be all that far from the truth.

Since that podcast dropped, Cromartie—who had 10 kids at the time—has announced that his wife Terricka Cromartie is pregnant with twins, even though he had a vasectomy after the birth of his 10th child. The New York Post also did some digging around and discovered that Cromartie is paying a fortune in child support right now. In fact, Cromartie pays so much money every month in child support that the headline for the Post’s story, “Jets cornerback pays more in child support than you make in a year,” manages to undersell just how much he’s shelling out.

According to the Post, Cromartie pays about $3,500 per month in child support for each of the eight children that he fathered with seven women before marrying his wife. It works out to about $336,000 in child support every year (not including the support he provides for his kids that live with him). And while Cromartie made $7 million in 2015, he obviously won’t be making anywhere close to that for much longer.

Those child support payments aren’t going to stop anytime soon, though. Insane.

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[via New York Post]

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