It's unfortunately fairly common for folks to lash out at NFL players whose poor performance on a given Sunday may have cost them a fantasy football matchup, but head coaches usually escape the ire of this particular segment of fans.

But after the Eagles were crushed 40-17 in a loss to the Cardinals, Snoop Dogg took to Instagram and targeted Chip Kelly for costing him a shot to appear in his fantasy football Super Bowl.

The picture above shows what happened to Snoop's team. His opponent played the Cardinals defense, and had the Eagles been able to simply score a few more points, the victory would have been his.

We wont bother transcribing the remarks, but they include plenty of foul language, as well as Snoop at one point uttering the phrase, "Chip Kelly, kill yourself." Peep the video below if you want to see Snoop's rant in its entirety.

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