UPDATE (12/27/2015): It actually wasn't mistake. Bill Belichick wanted to kick

The normally put-together Patriots lost against the Jets thanks to an inept decision. The decision didn't come during a down, but in a coin toss. Matthew Slater was at the overtime coin toss when the following exchange took place.

Referee: Heads is the call. It is heads. You want to kick?

Slater: We want to kick that way...Hey we won! Don't we get to choose?

Referee: You elected to kick.

It's a slanted way to ask, "Do you want to kick or receive?" but Slater's at fault for not simply saying, "We want to receive." So, the Jets got the ball first and scored with a 6-yard pass to Eric Decker on the opening drive. Final score: 26-20.

The Jets had a very weak schedule this season. Not only is this win a huge confidence builder, but it also strengthens their playoff hopes. It's a very good place to be in after starting the season with a broken jaw.

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