Laveranues Coles used to spend a lot of time on the football field as a member of the Jets, Redskins, and Bengals. But these days, he seems to spend an awful lot of his time inside of court rooms.

Last December, the former wide receiver took his ex-fiancée to court in a hotly-debated battle over an engagement ring. His case ended up changing the way the state of Virginia handles other similar cases. And today, Coles is planning on going back to federal court to try and change the way the city of Jacksonville views “bikini bars.” It seems Coles wants to open one within the city limits, which is currently not allowed because of a law that is on the books preventing them. However, Coles’ lawsuit is designed to change that law for “dancing entertainment establishments” in the city.

In his lawsuit, Coles points out that dancing in his establishment would be “performed before a consensual audience, all over the age of 18, who are desirous of receiving and enjoying the message conveyed by the entertainers of normal human sexual interest and sensuality.” He also cites the First Amendment and free speech as his reason for filing the lawsuit.

The lawsuit is still pending, but we’ll be sure to keep a close eye on this. Who knew the speedy Coles would be such a trailblazer when it came to the legal system?

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[via Pro Football Talk]