We've known for a while now that the mother of the Warriors' Draymond Green has zero chill. She's trashed opposing teams on Twitter, and once wished a Cavaliers beat writer dead for not voting any Warriors onto the All-Defensive team.

But evidently, this is nothing new. In an interview with GQ, Mary Babers-Green tells the story of how she used to heckle her own son in person during games when he wasn't performing up to her standards. 

Did you trash talk him growing up? Oh, I talked trash. If he was garbage on the court, I’m yelling [screams] GET HIM OFF THE COURT! HE SUCKS! [laughs] And that’s why I can be in the gym. People didn’t mind me raggin’ on their children because I ragged on my own. I didn’t just talk about their child out there stinking up the gym. I talked about my son stinking up the gym too. I kept it one hundred.

So are you better than him at trash taking? [long sigh] I’m a little rusty but I’m sure I could get him. I’m getting a little soft now. I’m getting older so I be in my feelings a lot. So he may say something to me that will kind of hurt my feelings a little bit. Only because I’m getting old. But if there’s an audience, of course I’ll get him. [laughs]

That's some tough love right there. But considering Draymond is the most important player on the Warriors not named Stephen Curry, it's clear that the way his mother raised him ultimately worked out for the best.

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