Derrick Henry is one of three finalists for the Heisman Trophy and if you think the Alabama running back's numbers are impressive (339 carries, 1,986 yards, 23 TDs), take a look at what he did during high school days. 

Basically, Henry ran the ball 462 times in 13 games for 4,261 yards and 55 touchdowns. He averaged 9.22 yards per carry and had some absolutely monster performances where he rushed for at least 400 yards on four different occasions and had four six—not a typo—touchdown games. 

Listed at 6-foot-3 and 240 pounds at Yulee High School in Yulee, Fla., we feel sorry for all the kids who had to try and tackle that freight train.

For those of you keeping score at home, Henry is an overwhelming favorite (1-3) to hoist the Heisman Trophy Saturday in New York over fellow finalists Clemson QB Deshaun Watson (6-1) and Stanford RB Christian McCaffrey (15-1).

[h/t Barstool Sports]

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