Students at the University of Kansas were obviously pretty pumped that the Royals won the World Series last night

So pumped that they decided to tear down the goalposts in Memorial Stadium and toss them in a lake. 

According to the Lawrence Journal-World, multiple individuals, who are suspected to be students, broke their way into the home of Jayhawks football and "took down a football goal post and tossed it into Potter Lake."

Celebration extends to Memorial Stadium, fence broken, field goal post down: #TakeTheCrown #KUfball

— Amie Just (@Amie_Just) November 2, 2015

The broken field goal post resting on the banks of Potter Lake. #KUfball #TakeTheCrown

— Amie Just (@Amie_Just) November 2, 2015

Less than 10 hours later, all looks to be normal. New post up, fence fixed. #TakeTheCrown #kufball

— Amie Just (@Amie_Just) November 2, 2015

Police say the individuals did more than $10,000 in damage. Workers were busy putting up new goalposts this morning.

KU Public Safety: $10K of damage done at Memorial Stadium after last night's Royals victory

— LJWorld (@LJWorld) November 2, 2015

[h/t For The Win]

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