James Harden was in the MVP conversation last year, after his consistently brilliant offensive game helped carry the Houston Rockets to the second best record in the Western Conference. 

But things got off to a slower than expected start this season, as Harden struggled through the first three games, all of which ended in losses for his Rockets.

He's turned things around significantly since then, and after scoring more than 40 points in two straight games, the latest coming in a win over the Clippers on Saturday, a sideline reporter asked about (or stated, really) Harden finally finding his rhythm in this young season.

"But you've got your rhythm going now," the reporter said, and obviously, Harden didn't feel that was worthy of a response.

This is actually funny and good-natured, which is the opposite of what San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich has become known for over the years. We usually don't get much from athletes or coaches in these walk-off interview situations, so if the reporters don't have anything interesting to ask or to contribute, then we wouldn't necessarily be opposed to seeing more of the interactions end like this.

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