A soccer match between Germany and the Netherlands was cancelled earlier today after police reportedly found a suspicious object at the HDI-Arena in Hannover, Germany.

According to police, the stadium was evacuated prior to the start of the match on two separate occasions because they believed there was a “concrete terror threat” made against it. Specifically, they believed a bomb was scheduled to be detonated during the match. German officials later revealed that no bombs were found inside of the stadium or the surrounding area, but they believe the threat against it was real.

“A bomb attack was planned inside the stadium,” Hannover police president Volker Kluge told the Associated Presss. “We want to avoid crowds of people, also at [trains] stations. That’s why we have requested everyone go home.”

The German team did not arrive at the stadium prior to the evacuation, according to a spokesperson for the German Football Association, and many fans who were planning on attending the match were still outside when the decision to evacuate was made. According to reports, a nearby music venue was evacuated as well.

All of this news comes less than a week after the terror attacks that took place in Paris. Stay tuned for additional information.

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[via ESPN FC]

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